Episode 660 – The One Body Part Problem

By | January 10, 2024


One thought on “Episode 660 – The One Body Part Problem

  1. Jim DeVore

    Guru, You need to tinker with the CPAP a bit. The first mask I was prescribed didn’t seal around my facial hair, so I switched to a nasal pillow style. Much better. I also bumped my pressure up another 2cm and my problems with light nasal congestion disappeared. Do a bit of searching for your model and you should find instructions on how to access the service menus to adjust. The CPAP changed my life — give it some time.

    I can think of one use case for phone video that you probably can’t relate to — when my kids were small I spend a lot of time shuttling them to events, appointments, and so fourth. I frequently had down time in the car while I was waiting on them. Video would have been nice, but I went with books on tape from the library. They were literally on cassette tape back them.

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